Field Archiving of Memory

Research Staff

NamePositionResearch interests
NODA, Jin (Leader)ProfessorHistory of Central Asia, Russia-Qing relations
IIZUKA, MasatoProfessorIslamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies
KONDO, NobuakiProfessorHistory of Modern Iran
KUROKI, HidemitsuProfessorArea Studies of the Middle East/ Modern History of the Arab East
TAKAMATSU, YoichiProfessorOttoman history, diplomatics, archival science
TOKORO, IkuyaProfessorAnthropology of South-East Asian Islanders
UYAMA, TomohikoProfessorModern history and politics of Central Asia, Comparative imperial history, Comparative politics
OGURA, SatoshiAssociate ProfessorSouth Asian History
GOTO, EmiAssistant ProfessorContemporary Islamic Studies, Gender
KANDA, YuiAssistant ProfessorMaterial cultures in the Muslim World; Islamic art and architecture; ceramics; manuscripts; metalwork; Persian literature; Arabic and Persian epigraphy; The arts of the Safavids; Twelver Shīʿism; Persian documents; Text transmission.
KURONUMA, TaichiAssistant ProfessorArchaeology, Study of historical landscape in Southeast Arabia

Research Associates

NamePositionResearch interests
SHINODA, TomoakiResearch Associate (2019.03 – 2024.02)History of North Africa, the Frontier

Past Core Project Members

*Please refer to the MEIS2 website for information on past members.